We receive dozens of endorsements and thank you's from our customers. Below is a sampling of just a few...


"Your employee just left after picking up my drapes for cleaning and rehanging. He arrived right on time both times, took a great deal of time to explain why my insulated draperies lining could not be cleaned. This was something I was not told by the person who sold me the drapes (from another company).

He is polite, efficient, friendly, is proud of his work, and should be. Most of all, he spent a great deal of time to hang the drapes and they are perfect.

In addition, the person who took my order was very efficient and polite. I appreciate the short appointment time of a half hour rather than the usual, "We will be there in the morning."
And I cannot leave out the unknown person or persons who cleaned and pressed the drapes. They are beautiful.
This is the best service, bar none, I have ever had in any type cleaning, and I have been a homeowner since 1964. Thanks so much."
Jo Ann Natomeli


"Beautiful draperies and timely!"
Nat and Pam Merrill

"Loved everything and we still have more to do!"
Julie Daughtery

Simply gorgeous. The banding done on the bias is outstanding."
Judy Reinhardt

"Thank you for helping us with all the window coverings. The draperies and top treatments are a wonderful compliment to our home."
Kim Zaccoginini

"Love working with Roberts. They always seem to know what I need in window coverings."
Lisa Davis

"I was extremely pleased with Roberts Drapery. They offer the very latest in window coverings and fabrics; and were very professional, helpful and prompt with my window coverings and upholstery fabrics. I will happily refer them to others."
Karen Downer

"We have always been very pleased with the quality of products, and the friendly customer service Roberts Drapery offers. We will use them again in the future for any window coverings we need."
Kirk and Kelly Smith



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