It is estimated that Americans represent 4% of the world's population and use 40% of the world's energy?

  Exterior solar screening shades can reduce air conditioning loads by more than 60%?

  Interior solar screening shades can reduce air conditioning loads by more than 23%?

(Information provided courtesy of MERMET "Solar Protection Fabrics with a View")

   Roberts Drapery is Colorado's solar screen experts! We have been installing them for over 10 years. Although most popular in commercial applications, their benefits are increasingly lending themselves to residential applications.

Colorado has beautiful views but also has extremely intense sunlight. Solar screens offer the perfect solution in that they provide true thermal and visual comfort. Our customers appreciate the comfortable temperatures and natural lighting while preserving their views.

  • Authorized MechoShade Dealer (MechoShade is a registered trademark of MechoShade systems of Long Island City, NY)
  • Our Own Proprietary Line of Shading Systems
  • Can be Motorized and Automatic with addition of Sun and Wind Sensors


  • Thermal Protection (heat and cold)
  • UV Protection
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Energy Savings
  • Easy Operation (manual or motorized)
  • Commercial Applications - Print your Logo on the Screen!
  • Retain View with Privacy
  • Protect Fine Furnishings, Drapes and Art from sun fading
  • Doors, Windows, Skylights and Greenhouses
  • Compatible with any Decor


The effect of solar screen shades is truly incredible.


They block out the harsh, hot light from the sun and filter it to create a soft, relaxing glow.



Amazing differences indeed! Watch this conference room evolve as the solar shade comes down...





The before and after effect of properly selected, designed and installed interior solar screen shades is remarkable. Harsh contrasts (left) give way to soft, natural light (right).


Whether for commercial or residential use, Roberts Drapery is your source for solar screen shades.


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