Roberts Drapery is proud to be a distributor of the superb line of products offered by the Somfy corporation. Somfy specializes in motorizing blinds, shades, awnings and all types of window coverings. These can be controlled with just the touch of a button, either on the wall or even on a remote (and even automatically set to raise and lower). Contact us at Roberts Drapery for an estimate at having the ultimate in carefree living installed in your home or office.

SOMFY's Line of Motors and Controls

The SOMFY motor line combines the quality characteristics of the previous tubular motors which have proven themselves a million times over, with innovative design and optimal technical features. The reliability, sturdy construction and maintenance-free aspects of SOMFY motors have remained the same.

The new concept of SOMFY's motor offers you significantly easier motor selection, installation, wire connections (plug-in) and limit switch adjustments (push button). The advanced design and technical innovations contribute to reducing installation time and costs which are important to both you and your customers.


SOMFY LT Motors at a Glance

1. The Right Motor Solution for Every Job Due To a Wide Range of Models

  • Expanded product line in terms of lifting capacity and operating speed
  • Several Models with manual override capability

2. Quick and Easy Installation

  • Reduced number of mechanical accessories
  • Can be installed in 6 different positions
  • Minimum side space requirement (23mm)
  • Motor and drive are attached with a simple click connection (no screws required)

3. Simple Electrical Connection

  • New plug-in motor cable simplifies electrical connections
  • Plug-in motor cable can pass through either the center of side of the motor head providing flexibility
  • Motor cable length can be customized to meet your installation requirements

4. Easy Limit Switch Setting

  • Only two locking push buttons need to be activated
  • Maximum tolerance (+/-50) on the roller tube

5. Convenience for the End User

  • Features quiet operation due to the use of advanced product components

6. All SOMFY Motors are UL and CSA Approved


SOMFY UL approved motors can be found in the following file numbers: E60495, E60888, E63714


Enjoy Instant Comfort and Convenience with a Retractable Awning Motorized by SOMFY

Add Elegance and Prestige to Your Home!

Now it's fun to control the sun. With designer in high-fashion fabrics, colors, and styles...and push button awning control by SOMFY. Modern Retractable Awnings combine beauty with functionality. You control light and shade...without the problems or expense of new construction. SOMFY SYSTEMS adds new elegance, prestige and equity to your home. You can command your comfort around the clock at the touch of a button or automatically. SOMFY tubular motors insert directly into the roller tube of Modern Retractable Awnings. This design feature enables a beautiful retractable awning system to enhance the look of your home when extended, and blend in with the facade when retracted. They're so easy to operate and are quickly installed in only one visit. SOMFY motors are maintenance free, extremely durable and will never need lubrication.

Motorized or Automatic Awnings...

  • Protect you from harmful UV rays
  • Keep your rooms cooler in summer, warmer in the winter
  • Enhance the value of your home
  • Reduce your heating and cooling costs all year long
  • Allow for convenient push button operation
  • Eliminate fading of furniture and add years of life to your furnishings, carpets and drapes

Control Options

The Decorator Somfy-Maticú sun and wind control automatically extends your motorized awning to provide shade from the sun and retracts it to protect the awning from damaging high winds.

The Wind-A-Matic Remote automatically retracts your motorized awning when it senses high winds. A hand held transmitter provides convenient remote control. The Wind-A-Matic can also be mounted outdoors to make installation easier. An Outdoor Plug-In model is also available.

The Wind-A-Matic II provides automatic wind protection for your retractable awning. An attractive decorator wall switch provides push button control.

The Decorator SOMFY-Maticú Outdoor Plug-In System saves you the expense of an electrician's installation, while providing all the protection of automatic sun and wind sensors...For economical enjoyment of your retractable awning, plus complete protection from the elements.

The Outdoor Plug-In System provides easy installation without the use of an electrician. All your installer needs is an outdoor receptacle to connect the UP-approved, weatherproof components. For total security, you can remove the system for winter storage or when you leave your home. SOMFY products are designed to meet or exceed UL and CSA requirements.


Now You Can Have it All, with Draperies Motorized by SOMFY...
Instant Comfort, Privacy and Convenience at the Touch of a Button

Push Button Draperies

Everything you want in a drapery becomes easier to use...and more enjoyable...with a SOMFY Motor and Electronic Control. SOMFY gives you finger-tip control, for the easiest way ever, to open or close even the largest and heaviest drapes around. And because SOMFY makes your draperies so easy to use, you will use them more often.

  • To reduce heat gain in your home or hotel room.
  • To lower indoor summer temperatures and save on air conditioning costs.
  • To give you privacy when you want it. To eliminate glare so you can read, view a movie or work on your computer without difficulty.

What's more, SOMFY lets you control sunlight entering your home at any time. With a simple push of a button, your motorized drapery will open, allowing sunlight to brighten a dark room, or during the winter, helping lower your heating costs. And that's not all you save, because a motorized drapery blocks sunlight and glare to protect your carpeting and furniture from fading. So they will reamin beautiful and usable, year after year.

SOMFY offers a range of extremely reliable motors that allow your draperies to open and close from the center and also from left to right to suit your needs.


SOMFY's easy to install drapery motors simply plug right into a standard electrical outlet. Our motors are typically mounted to the wall and are totally concealed behind the drapery. Since the operator is mounted to the wall and not the drapery track, it lends itself to new and retrofit applications. So it it just as easy to motorize your existing draperies as it is a new one. Simply thread the cord through the operator's unique drive pulley system and your draperies will smoothly traverse at the touch of a button.

One Switch Controls Your Drapery
This elegant decorator toggle switch can easily control one or two motorized draperies. Simply press the switch and you can conveniently open, stop, or reverse the travel of your motorized drapery as you wish.

Remote Control Options
SOMFY also offers you other control options including infrared and radio remote you can conveniently open, stop, and reverse the travel of your motorized drapery or draperies from a distance with a wireless transmitter.

Motorized Interior Window Shades and Blinds

Imagine pushing a button or flipping a switch and watching as your interior window shades or horizontal blinds roll up, down and even tilt to conveniently provide shade from the sun, privacy when you want it, or allow light to enter as you wish.

All this is yours when you add SOMFY motorization and our stylish line of decorator switches, remote and group controls. You'll soon realize the benefits of motorization because you will use them more often. That means more energy efficiency and better sun protection for your valuable furnishings and carpet--giving you improved control over the interior room environment.

Motorization also helps your window treatments last longer because the manual pulling and tugging goes away and so does the associated wear and tear. What's more, SOMFY's unique Cord Take-Up system eliminates cord tangling and overlap to provide a smooth and uniform movement. SOMFY's range of small but reliable and powerful motors are easily concealed behind a decorative headrail which is typically a part of your window treatment. This design feature enables a motorized blind to look just like a manual one...So it only compliments your decor. What's more, our motors and controls are UL and CSA approved for safe operation while utilizing very little electricity. And the absence of hanging cords eliminates any concern for you childs safety.

Control Options

Perhaps the most popular control option for motorized shades is group control. This feature allows you to control an entire room, floor or household of motorized window treatments at the same time from a single switch. It eliminates the laborious and time consuming task of manually operating every shade in the morning and at night...

If you have several shades or blinds and you'd like the option of operating them individually as well as in groups, then the SOMFY IGC is the control for you. This electronic control makes it easy and convenient to operate virtually any number of window treatments. Each individual IGC switch lets you control the movement of a single windwo treatment, while a master switch gives you control over a room, floor or entire household of motorized shades. That's the ultimate in convenience.

Now You Can Automatically Control Your Blinds with a Motorized System from SOMFY

Your shades can even think on their own when you combine SOMFY motorization with our Decorator Comfort Control which provides fully automatic operation...It's so easy to use too...This unique product features LEDs (lights) that allow you to easily set and monitor sun intensity levels to provide for a comfortable room environment. There's nothing like it...carefree operation of your window shades, whether you're home or away.

Other Control Options

SOMFY also offers you other control options including remote control and a line of Decorator Toggle and Paddle wall switches. SOMFY's radio or infrared remote controls enable you to conveniently operate your shade or blind from a distance...and when linked with our group control products you can operate more than one blind from an easy to use push button remote transmitter. You can also have fingertip control, by operating your shade with one of our many styles of elegantswitches. So enjoy comfort and convenience round the clock at the touch of a button or automatically with horizontal blinds and shades motorized by SOMFY.


Take the Worry Out of Your Windows with Rolling Shutters Motorized by SOMFY

Add Protection, Privacy and Insulation to Your Home at the Touch of a Button!

Instead of storm panels, security bars and expensive alarms, Automatic Rolling Shutters provide an instant "Safety Shield" to your home when you desire, and conveniently retract out of sight at the simple push of a button. Motorized Rolling Shutters protect your home or office against burglars, vandalism, and storms as well as providing added insulation to your window and instant privacy when you want it.

In just one installation visit, SOMFY automatic control systems add elegant new equity to your home...You can command your comfort around the clock. They're so easy to operate and are quickly installed. SOMFY motors are maintenance free, extremely durable and will never need lubrication.

Motorized Rolling Shutters...

  • Provide a two way thermal barrier that shields out the heat and cold
  • Reduce your energy bills all year round
  • Enhance the value of your home
  • Protect your valuable possessions from storm damage
  • Prevent sun damage and fading to your furniture, drapes, carpeting and interiors
  • Reduce bothersome outdoor noise levels

SOMFY's IGC system allows you to conveniently control your shutters from one central location, or at different locations throughout the house.

Control Options

SOMFY's Individual-Group Control (IGC) offers you push button control of individual and/or groups of motorized rolling shutters from one or more central locations... a single window or an entire household of rolling shutters can move up or down with a single push of a button. The Group Control System (GCS) lets you control up to four rolling shutters as a group from one or more locations throughout your home or office. Several GCS's can be linked together to create a larger network of motors all operated by a single switch.

 As an extra security measure a SOMFY Digital Keypad can be added. A programmable outdoor and indoor switch lets you use your own personal code to control your shutters for total security. Many people prefer the option of remote control when operating motorized systems.

The SOMFY Wireless Remote Control lets you operate your motorized rolling shutters from anywhere in or around your home. A compact hand-held transmitter is personally coded for maximum security, and up, stop and down push buttons make using the remote just as easy as a wall switch. You can also have fingertip control by operating your rolling shutters with a SOMFY Decorator Paddle or Toggle switch. These elegant switches come in ivory or white and are a complement to any decor. SOMFY products are designed to meet or exceed UL and CSA requirements.

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